Life’s milestones and once-in-a-lifetime experiences deserve to be celebrated.


Yogando Retreats curates luxury experiential travel, highly sought-after wellness retreats, and unparalleled celebrations for life’s milestones, with a focus on both consultancy and production for a full-service experience.

We deeply understand the intricate approach required to create an extraordinary event. Our craft lies within providing exceptional experiences and services from the initial destination to the flawless finish and every step of the way in between.

It is our passion to illuminate these profoundly rewarding journeys of insight and awakening for our clients. With expertise built across a global network of elite partners and connections, your most memorable moments are not only attainable, they are delivered with exceptional results.


Luxury travel in exotic and unique destinations


Curated events as personal as the milestones they honor

Nourish mind, body and soul

Curating the ultimate experiences


Our team is united around our singular aim of carrying out travel and wellness programs surpassing what is ordinary.

Driven by your initial vision, we create customized experiences that are as unique as the destinations themselves. Our passionate team combines creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship, along with a portfolio of exceptional locations and properties to create events beyond your highest expectations.

We strive to create a unique perspective behind travel and wellness; one that incorporates a more complete and body, mind and soul approach. This results in a deeper interaction and appreciation of both the inner self and outer environment for a truly rewarding and lasting journey.

We believe that our experience of time is transformed when we step outside our everyday lives and into the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Urban settings are alive with energy, whereas nature slows the pace, encouraging us to focus on the moment, appreciate the timeless majesty of mother nature, and awake to what is most important in our lives, because


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The Little Prince

Locations Proposal

Amangiri – Page, Utah

    • Availability: Sept 15 -18
    • Nearest Airport: Page
    • Distance: 25 mns
    • Buy out: Partial, only possible with their Pavillion 

Canyon Ranch Woodside – San Francisco, California

    • Availability: Oct. 3-6 only week days Mon to Thur
    • Nearest airport: SFO 
    • Distance: 30 mns
    • Buy out: Yes

Civana, Miraval, Canyon Ranch – Scottsdale, Tucson, Arizona

    • Availability: quite good in June and September
    • Nearest airport: Scottsdale, and Tucson
    • Distance: 30 mns
    • Buy out: No

Sensei – Palm Springs, California

    • Availability: mid December
    • Nearest Airport: Santa Barbara
    • Distance: 20 mns
    • Buy out: Yes

Alpine Lodge Peak – Big Sky, Montana

    • Availability: June 2-6, June 9-13
    • Nearest Airport: Bozeman Yellowstone Airport
    • Distance: 1 hr
    • Buy out: Yes


Cal a Vie – San Diego, California

    • Availability: June 1-5, Sept 14-18, Sept 21 – 25
    • Nearest Airport: San Diego
    • Distance: 1 hr
    • Buy out: Yes

Ojai Valley Inn – Ojai, California

    • Availability: Sept 16-19
    • Nearest Airport: Santa Barbara
    • Distance: 1 hr
    • Buy out: No

Why work with us?

At Yogando Retreats, we specialize in the complete planning and execution of your wellness trips. We offer all-inclusive packages that include:

Coordination and communication with onsite vendors

We have intimate relationships with some of the best hidden-gem resorts, that will provide you with the utmost service and care.

We also have selected tour guides, transportation companies that will help your guests unwind completely and avoid any troubles on site.

Airport transfers and group activities

We will craft a retreat itinerary that is unique to your group, which will include professionally arranged airport transfers, adventure and culture group activities, and a delicious meal plan that can accommodate all dietary restrictions.

Retreat pricing strategies

We work collaboratively with our retreat leaders to develop retail pricing to ensure that your trip fills up.

Marketing Tool Kit

We provide ideas for social media and website content, marketing flyers, and professional images.

We feature your retreat on our website creating a personalized page, complete with all retreats info.

Payment Collection, Taxes & Legal

We can handle all of the payments from your attendees via our website payment portal. We also handle all the vendor payments, and once the trip is complete, send a check to the leader! Easy, right?

We also release contracts to the attendees that protect our retreat leaders and their businesses from any liability that might arise from a bad situation. This is done to protect you and your business.

Booking Agent Services

We handle all retreat questions and booking inquiries so you don’t have to. We don’t actually sell plane tickets, but we can walk attendees all the way through the online purchasing process, if required.

We will also send your participants a list of FAQ’s so that they are prepared with the knowledge they need prior to traveling.

Frequent Check-ins

We love working with our carefully selected group of studios and teachers, and want to make sure that promotion of your retreat is going smoothly.

We are always available via phone and email to answer any questions that might pop up for you throughout this process, too.

Insurance & Safety

We strongly encourage all the participants to purchase their own travel insurance.

We have selected the best insurances that provide different coverage plans. We will be glad to help the attendees select the best coverage upon request.

On-Site Concierge Services
(if needed)

If required, we could be on-site the week of your retreat to make sure that all goes smoothly and to plan.

Our Offering​

Yogando Retreat will be your partner, taking care of offering the WOW behind the event.

With 10-14 people, the goal is to be surprising and hyper customized.  

Things we can support, to make your event over-the-top:

  • Menu arrangement and creation. We work with the resort chef on the menu design and will have printed menus for each guest.
    • To ensure all food preferences and quality standards are met.
  • Event Registration with DocuSign
    • Digital signature collection on waivers using tablet and sending the signed documents to the host.
  • White Labeled App (Grupio, Socio, Event Base)
    • This is what we used in the past, but we are open to other suggestions
  • Event Website (password protected for privacy)
    • Includes domain purchase, website build and updates during the event.
  • Attendee Communication (pre + during event) and Surveying (post event) 
    • Dossier * Survey (pre-survey)
    • Push notifications in APP
    • Website notifications
    • Survey sent and results reported


To pull this off we would need to collect a dossier on each guest – which is customary for custom travel experiences. This dossier collects food preferences, interests, social media profiles. We use this dossier to research each guest (privately) and build deeper interests lists

Experiences and tailored gifts, that we can provide for each guest:

  • Themed parties/ experiences
    • If you are into outdoor active lifestyle events, we would plan for those experiences for all.
    • If you are into food and wines, we plan rich and exclusive food/wine types of experiences. 
    • If you are a car lover, we can plan for a racing activity in a private racing track 
  • Local attractions with exclusive access (each locations have their local attractions). Like:
    • Via Ferrata 
    • Hot Air Balloon 
    • UTV Tour
    • E-Bike tour
    • Horseback riding
    • Sage smudge
    • Astronomy
    • Qi Gong in the forest
    • Drumming
    • Yoga – Meditation – Pilates – Thai Chi – Sound bath 
    • A shaman for a healing session 
    • Gratitude journaling 

Each of the above activities will have all details taken care of. For instance, if your group want to go to a Ferrata, we will provide new gear, clothing, boots, water bottles, backpacks. All carefully selected from the best sports brands, and adapted to everyone’s sizes. 

  • Curated gifts per person based on interests in dossier:
    • Autographed Album of favorite band
    • Hand rolled cigars
    • Custom piece of artwork in their room with a note that it’s theirs and will be shipped to their home
    • A loved one’s surprise arrival at last day dinner
    • High end luxury item, such as a personalized jewel (for men too)
    • Their favorite water, coffee or snacks in their rooms based on dossier and social media research
    • Specialized guest touches (notes under doors, pre-programmed Alexa notifications and music in each room)
    • Their own new iPad for the event – note taking, pictures etc.

*Note: if any relationship or attendee is limited by law from receiving gifts from the host, we should have the host disclose this and sign a release from Yogando that these gifts/ items are legally allowed.  IE: Government officials are not allowed to accept gifts valued over $100, etc.

Experiences and gifts package can range from $25,000-$115,000 for 15 guests. Depending on how many gifts will be selected. 


Additional services:

  • Transportation: we work with our travel agents to book your journey with main carriers or with private jets
  • VIP airport pick up and drop off 

Dedicated Team

Main event planner, on site support 

Yogando Founder

Elisa Magni

Event coordinator

Yogando Communication Manager

Marta Negri

On site coordinator



KT Remus

Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 19.11.22

IT support (on site), event supervisor, photographer/videomaker

IT support

Ryan Smart

Terms and conditions:

CONSULTATION: You talk, we listen. We show you what is possible.

    1. Understand key parameters (retreat generic info, budget, timelines, activities, duration)
    2. Create curated presentations of locations and program options
    3. Cost: Free


IDEATION: We ideate and curate one program for you

    1. Create a curated presentation of the location you selected, and transparent budget
    2. Deliverables: concept proposal, budget overview (more in-depth retreat info, detailed budget, timelines, activities, duration)
    3. Cost: Deposit required ($5,000 non refundable), applied to program cost.


CO-CREATION: Let’s get this done!

    1. Work closely with the team to ensure all elements are designed to achieve outcomes
    2. Deliverables: full itinerary, legal agreement
    3. COST: 50% deposit on trip cost, plus 100% of any budget given, that will be spent on the items/gifts 


EXECUTION: We have got you covered

    1. Prepare you for departure, set expectations and secure your program
    2. Deliverables: final itinerary, packing list, program specific-supporting documents
    3. COST: balance on the trip cost