Denise Finnerty

My Purposeful Path
Restorative Retreat

October 22-24, 2021

Give yourself permission to take a retreat.

This special weekend is designed for you to refresh, reflect and reconnect with yourself. During this retreat you will be given the time and opportunity to practice self-care and to become mindfully aware of the mind-body-spirit connection, bringing more balance and wellness to your life. 

Here are some of the connected activities you will experience during this Restorative Retreat:

Mind: Dedicated coaching conversations around who you are today and who you were born to be. This community experience gives you the time and opportunity to personally reflect, share, and connect and receive from others in the group.

Body: Healthy, nourishing foods, and shared meals. Optional mindful stretching or slow-flow yoga, emphasizing peace and calm in the body and mind. Allotted time for you to rest and be restored. The opportunity to go on a nature walk on one of the beautiful trails in the nearby area. Time outdoors under the stars around the campfire.

Spirit: Multiple opportunities for meditation/prayer and journaling. Optional meditative stretching or slow-flow yoga. Self-discovery, connection and reaffirming through group conversations. You will be uplifted, your cup will be filled and you will feel restored beyond your imagination.

As a result of gifting yourself this time out, you will gain new perspective on your higher purpose, become energized and achieve a renewed sense of clarity and focus with your inspired mind, body and spirit.


We will be doing all that plus more.

We will live in the fabulous North side of Michigan in early fall, eating incredibly delicious food, and availing ourselves of some of the most peaceful moments in nature!

Our home base is the wonderful Cedars Edge on Burt’s Lake. Elegant, expansive and sophisticatedly simple, Cedars Edge is a fully renovated barn serenely situated on property located on Burt Lake. Cedars Edge is a luxury house filled with cultivated taste, repurposed items for accessories and upscale amenities. Nestled in a beautiful private forest, Cedars Edge provides a space for calmness and serenity.

Each day we will set out on a focused journey and return to the lodge for group encounters, strategic discussions, meditation, yoga and, of course wonderful meals prepared to energize both your body and mind. 

Sharing rooms in this context is a unique opportunity for you to create a deep sense of belonging and connection that will support your growth. 

Our Instructors

Our Story

Denise Finnerty

My Purposeful Path

Denise Finnerty is the founder of My Purposeful Path. As a certified life coach and master practitioner of Core Energy Leadership she passionately supports people’s journey to living a more purposeful life. 

Denise is committed to providing immersive experiences that spark self-awareness, personal growth and reignite sense of self. She is energized to help you discover how to live a more purposeful life, sharing your gifts, talents and passions with the world. At her core, Denise values community, connection and service to others. Her hope is to positively impact every person she meets through the grace of God.

Denise is very excited to share her passion and purpose with you.

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