Flow Yoga Journey
Florina Becichi

Liguria, Italy

24-26 September 2021

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The most important relationship that we will ever have is the relationship with ourselves – so in this retreat we will learn how to nurture and strengthen our connection with our hearts, creating a more harmonious and loving relationship with ourselves. 
This retreat is going to be all about coming home to yourself. Being guided to inhabit your body and be truly present and comfortable in your own skin , becoming aware of your breathing and integrating the concept of conscious movement. Also, we will focus on the reconnection to the heart, identifying your true heart’s desires and coming home to yourself. 

Our teacher

Her story

Florina Becichi
Flow Yoga Journey

Yoga Teacher

I have always been fascinated by movement and dance, since I was a little child. I went to ballet school when I was little and then abandoned the school due to some injury and that left a deep scar in my heart. As an adult, I went back to study ballet many years later, just as a hobby and then made my transition to Yoga. Vinyasa Yoga turned out to be the perfect embodiment of what I love, offering me the fluidity of dance, without the rigid discipline of ballet. 

I have initially started practicing ashtanga yoga, which I still love, but Vinyasa Yoga won my heart because it is more related to dance. I use music in all my classes and encourage the students to connect to the music while moving. 

I see people as complex creatures and I think the amazing thing about yoga is that it touches all layers of our being, transforming us from the inside out. 

I was deeply touched by the impact that yoga had into my life and decided to dedicate myself to sharing the amazing benefits of the yoga practice with as many souls as I can. 



Agriturismo Olive Nere

Lavagna, Italia

The last renovation has preserved the original architecture of the Genoese villa, both in the materials: terracotta floors, the slates,
the stone, that in the facade decorated with oil trompe in the old pink and ocher colors typical of the coast houses.

The large living room has a double window overlooking the garden and the sea, furnished with antique carpets and modern sofas,
it is the ideal place for a moment of reading or meeting for all guests.
The breakfast room with the marble fireplace, lit in the cool autumn mornings,
creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a pleasant start of the day.
The kitchen with its stone arches and antique wood and iron furnishings is cozy and functional.
For the guests who wish it, it is possible to learn the secrets of the preparation of the true “pesto alla Genovese” with mortar and pestle.


They are all renovated and have private bathoroom with shower, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi, TV, hairdryer, safe, electric water boiler and tea accessories.

Located on the first and second floor, the rooms enjoy the view of the Tigullio Gulf and the beautiful surrounding garden.
Some rooms come with their relative balcony or furnished terrace.

To identify rooms, the names of different herbs were used, those typical of the geographical area.
The initial letter of the name of each plant forms the name OLIVENERE.


The “Cipressa” with its high vaulted ceiling and stone walls, the ancient mill made from a single large boulder, the dark chestnut work table,
the wooden sideboard and chests where the olives were kept in brine, jams, oil, vegetables in oil all produced by the gardens of the villa,
is a unique place to rediscover the traditions of ancient and rural Liguria.
The outdoor patio where breakfast is served in summer and in the warm summer evening the focaccia with cheese
cook in the wood-burning oven that the guests to taste with a fresh Vermentino or a sparkling Italian beer.


By working the different elements of nature, the farm brings on your breakfast table different products every day, together with the exquisite independently produced olive oil.
Seasonal fruits are used in order to prepare several types of jams, whilst rose petals are processed to create something very special, -rosolio-.
Limoncino and arancino are traditional liquors of the Ligurian Riviera and are genuinely produced using lemons and oranges.

Whenever requested, our guests will be given a tour around the different kinds of herbs and products of nature being cultivated on a daily basis in the villa.


What we are gonna do

Friday, september 24 2021

14:00 - 17:30

Welcome and Check-in

19.00- 20.30

Bringing the awareness into the body. Becoming aware of the connection between movement and breath. Slow flow with the main focus on the breathing during movement. ​




Free Time

SAturday, september 25 2021

8:00 - 9:00


10:00 - 11:00

Morning class focused on Sun Salutations. Breaking down Sun Salutation A and B from Ashtanga Vinyasa.


Lunch in the location (alla carta e non incluso nel prezzo del ritiro), o tempo libero per andare ed esplorare la zona


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow where we incorporate what we learned so far- moving with the breath and Sun Salutations

17:00- 19:00

Workshop followed by meditation Theme of the workshop : How to reconnect to your heart and your heart's desires. ( for this you need a notebook and a pen). We will learn how to identify our hearts desires and how to move from living from the mind to living from the heart. We will end this workshop with a meditation.



sunday september 26 2021


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow ended with a gratitude practice





What is not included

What is included


Available until Aug 25, 2021


Available until Aug 25, 2021


Gruppo ristretto a massimo 15 partecipanti, per creare una buona energia intima che ci permetta di lavorare al meglio con tutti voi.

A chi vorrebbe migliorare i propri inarcamenti, aperture e conoscenza della prima serie di Ashtanga Yoga, ottenendo i benefici che queste posizioni possono donare.

Ad un livello fisico:

  • apertura toracica
  • libertà in spalle e collo
  • migliore qualità del respiro
  • schiena forte e tonica
  • flessibilità e mobilità della colonna vertebrale
  • postura più corretta

Ad un livello energetico e mentale/emozionale:

  • maggiore energia, vitalità, positività
  • apertura agli altri, alla vita e all’amore per se stessi


  • il tuo tappetino yoga
  • due blocchi yoga
  • una cinghia (facoltativa)
  • la tua volontà di aprirti 🙂

L’insegnante offrirà delle varianti, dalla più semplice alla più complessa, per poter abbracciare ogni livello. Tuttavia avere già un minimo di esperienza aiuta per poter ottenere il massimo dei benefici.

I partecipanti saranno responsabili della loro condizione di buona salute.

Si richiede un test Covid (PCR e non molecolare) con risultato negativo nelle 48 ore prima dell’evento. Senza il test, l’ammissione non e’ garantita, nemmeno se si ha già pagato.

Chi avesse particolari esigenze/problemi di alimentazione è pregato di avvisare all’atto dell’iscrizione.

Per poter completare la prenotazione sarà richiesto un versamento di acconto pari al 50% del totale non rimborsabile in caso di disdetta oltre il 1 luglio 2021 (se non in caso di nuova eventuale emergenza nazionale Covid-19).

La caparra pari al 50% dell’importo totale verrà restituita solamente se la disdetta verrà  data entro il 1 di Giugno 2021 e tramite email scritta a contact@yogandoretreats.com

La caparra verrà restituita meno l’importo del 5% di commissioni gia; pagato a PayPayl. Se la disdetta viene effettuata dopo il 1 di Giugno 2021, la caparra non potra’ essere restituita.

Il saldo è richiesto entro il 15 di Giugno 2021. Il saldo corrisponde al 50% del rimanente importo.

Non è previsto nessun rimborso, ne’ del saldo, ne’ della caparra, per chi, malauguratamente, avesse contratto il COVID e non potesse partecipare all’evento.

Yogando Retreats si riserva la facoltà di annullare il titolo d’ingresso in ogni momento qualora il partecipante non abbia presentato un test COVID negativo. 

Non esitare a scriverci! 


Siamo a tua disposizione 🙂

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