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Committing to a yoga retreat means making the choice to care of yourself. It’s about injecting your soul with joy, gratitude, confidence, energy and freedom. It means taking a time out, unplugging, relaxing and focusing on yourself, and then getting up and doing it all over again. It is the essence of discipline and balance.

Venturing to a new and beautiful place is also an opportunity to see the world, see within yourself, and see life with a new perspective. Temporarily abandoning your comfort zone and experiencing the unknown is a fantastic way to grow and learn.

Additionally, retreats offer you the luxury of time, which is something most people tend to lack in their own home. Allow yourself to entertain the idea that this opportunity is yours and that you deserve to take it.


Brenda Freeman

September 24-26, 2021

Cedars Edge, Michigan US

Reveal the innate goodness and radiant health that is the essence of life.

Denise Finnerty Avatar Yogando Web Site

Denise Finnerty

October 22-24, 2021

Cedars Edge, Michigan US

A beautiful inner journey to discover our most authentic and deep side.

Andrea Rogers

Andrea Rogers

November 1-5, 2021

Arizona, USA

Establish a strong connection between your energetic and your mental level.

Annie James Retreat Costa (1) copy

Annie James

Mar 24-27, 2022

Arizona, USA

Experience balance with Yoga classes designed to develop, maintain and strengthen the vitality in all systems of your body.

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Paola Marcenaro

May 3-8, 2022​

Positano, Italy

Join this amazing retreat in the world's most renowned bucket list destination, Positano.​

Kate O'Donnell

Kate O'Donnell

May 9-14, 2022

Puglia, Italy

Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda for an inner journey in an enchanting location.


Eleonora Zampatti

September 17-24 2022

Toscana, Italy

Together. We come home to ourselves. To know more of our deeper selves, using the tool of yoga and surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany


Linda Gastaldello

Bergamo, Luglio 2021

Un weekend insieme per nutrire la tua anima ed energizzare il tuo corpo con le pratiche del metodo di benessere 2RISE yoga, fitness e meditazione.

Micol Dell'Oro

October 23/25, 2020

Piacenza, Italy

A weekend dedicated to well-being, purifying mind, body and spirit.

Brenda Freeman

October 16/18, 2020

Cedars Edge, Michigan

Pilates and Yoga Retreat at our home, Cedars Edge Up North in Michigan.

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We offer wellness retreats, customized around your needs.

No, we do not book flights. However we offer the option to upgrade your trip with a travel agent who will assist with booking your flight, monitoring your flight arrival and departure, and sending any updates on changes if they occur. 


Deposit $1.000 Due upon booking. A non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit of $1000 is required for your booking to be confirmed. A verbal reservation is not considered as valid. We cannot hold spots unless secured with a deposit.

The type of yoga is usually advertised for each retreat. There are usually a big variety of levels and we love that guests can attend and participate without feeling any pressure. This is YOUR WEEK so you’re encouraged to take the time you need, go at your own speed, and try and let go – whether that means diving in deep into the morning and evening classes for the week, or maybe it means needing to rest one day instead.

Many of our guests come alone and we match up based on guest profile which has always worked out really well. You can decide to have a single room or a shared room.

You can contact us here with any questions! 

Grazie Mille

We hope to meet you soon! 

The deposit + any tickets purchased on your behalf are non-refundable upon purchase. All other bookings are as follows: 
From 91 or more days prior to departure, we give a 50% refund.
From 0-90 days prior to departure, the total cost is non-refundable.
We highly urge you to purchase travel insurance, even in the case of extreme emergencies it is difficult to guarantee any money back after 91 days.

Our retreats are for all levels of yogis.

Absolutely! Non-participants are always welcome. All classes are voluntary and there is always daily excursions or relaxation that can be enjoyed in place of one of the yoga classes.

Children under 18: Minors under the age of 18 are not allowed in our retreats.

Travel Insurance: is required and it is mandatory for all travelers.

Travel protection will help protect travelers’ investment in the trip, and to provide certain medical coverage while they are outside the USA.

Sign up by using the “sign-up” link on any of the retreat pages. You will then  fill out an information form, and then payment. We then will send you an official confirmation and welcome email with a disclosure and emergency contact form to fill out and sign, as well as any pertinent travel information you may need.

Yes! We book restaurants as part of the full service package.