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Let us help you continue your wellness journey your way

A fully curated wellbeing experience, hosted in the comfort of your home.

A lot of the stress we are experiencing in this season comes from external factors impacting our lives.

If you feel your energy is being drained by all the things happening around you, there are many ways to recover your energy, even if the external stresses remain the same.

  • Build your self-awareness
  • Have some self-compassion
  • Try to prioritize rest and mindfulness practices
  • Incorporate movement into your day
  • Thoughtfully connect with – and disconnect from – others

If you’re feeling exhausted these days, you’re not alone. 

YOGANDO Team thought about what if your home were not just a home working office and maybe homeschooling, but also a personal retreat that surrounded you with soothing vignettes, as well as special touches that restored our energy and sparked creativity? This is how YOGANDO Experience was born. While we cannot travel and stay outside, we can certainly find a way to improve ou inner experiences, by allowing ourselves pills of personalized treatments.

Because we are home all day is easy to work more hours and because we are home all day we are constantly looking for way to keep ourselves busy. YOGANDO Experience can help you taking breaks regularly throughout the day, so that these breaks can help you build resilience. Short and sweet.

Yet, we’re wired for in-person connection and our brain’s emotional centers don’t respond as well to digital encounters as in-person ones. While meeting in person is not possible as it was before the pandemic, we can focus on trying to improve the quality of our virtual encounters by connecting more thoughtfully, perhaps one on one or in smaller groups.

So how about turning your home into a personal retreat? How about tailor making it around your needs, and make it an a’ la carte retreat? You can pick from our offerings and create your unique choice to experience safely and from the comfort of your home.

Imagine a personal retreat of your own, imagine having at home strategies that foster instant relaxations. Give yourself the gift of a YOGANDO Experience.

We are here to support you!


Kate O'Donnell

Our hosts are thoughtful wellness experts, who can cover the YOGANDO’s pillars: movement, nutrition, and spa.

Our hosts will make these at home retreats very personable as they will engage you at a personal one on one level.

The YOGANDO Experience includes fitness activities like yoga flow and energizing workouts, as well as nutritional sessions like healthy recipe tutorials, cooking classes, Ayurvedic dosha consultations, Ayurvedic self-massage and self-care treatments.

Get to know hosts who share their expertise and a window to their world. Meet people from all over the world while learning something new together. Join easily and participate from home without a lot of preparation.

Our Instructors

Our Story

Elisa Magni

Yogando Founder

YOGANDO was born from Elisa’s love of travel, yoga and wellness. After leading a successful 15-year career in the corporate world, Elisa transitioned into a US certified event designer, internationally certified yoga instructor and retreat leader. Elisa is now on a mission to inspire you to live your life with passion, purpose and wellness. After moving to US in 2011, she now splits her life between Michigan, Italy, and wherever part her heart takes her. She has a deep sense of gratitude for the YOGANDO team and tribe which continues to grow through the years, who make it all retreats dreams possible!

Denise Baschirotto

Ayurveda Teacher

Denise is our Ayurveda partner in Italy. Founder of WellOne Luxury Experience and wife of Kandeepan, who share a common devotion to Ayurveda, natural nutrition, yoga, meditation, Tibetan bowls, shiatsu, tai chi and holistic medicine. Together, they lead the Ayurveda school, offering their own knowledge mentoring and training wellness specialists all over Italy.


Sahana Murthy

Indian Chef

Sahana learnt most of her culinary skills from her mother and these are traditional recipes which is passed on from many generations. She conducts cooking classes at her hometown in Mysore, India which is dubbed as the Yoga Capital of the World. People from all over the world come to this little magical city to deepen their Yoga practice. Being a Yoga practitioner herself, she understands the value of wholesome food and how it enhances practice and keeps one healthy. Sahana also teaches cooking lessons online reaching out to a wider segment of people and help them with their needs.

Floriana Cancelli

Italian Chef

Floriana is an international chef specialized in macrobiotic, vegetarian and healthy mediterranean food, certified US Event Designer, and certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor. She uses her zeal and knowledge to create sensorial culinary and travel experiences that nourish the body and soul.

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