The Yogando Experience

Custom Made for Kino

Let us help you stay balanced at home.

A fully curated wellbeing experience, hosted in the comfort of your home.

Dear Kino,

This is a personalized at home retreat custom designed around your needs. We want to gift it to you, as you gifted us the special love for this practice.

You have been our first teacher, back to the days of when your classes were streamed on the Cody app. At that time, Elisa, our founder, thought that the primary series would stop at navasana. When you opened a whole new world to her, she started feeling the love for the practice and the passion that has now become her daily routine, a commitment, a lifestyle, a path for healing.

YOGANDO is a boutique wellness agency. We are creators, providers and guides of boutique travels, using the medium of mindful holidays through yoga. We design boutique retreat programs working with local experts to provide off the beaten paths offerings, with field-to-fork food and a healthy environment. We are originally from Italy and travelling Italian style is our motto. Based now in Michigan, we host winter retreats in the upper state of Michigan, in our yoga retreat center, and we bring Americans to Italy during Spring and Fall.

Unfortunately, this year our business has been highly impacted due to travel being grounded to a halt. While it has been frustrating to press pause on, social distancing and staying home presented us a unique opportunity to refocus on our priorities, creating something accessible to everyone, exactly as you would on a retreat vacation.

Therefore, we thought about creating YOGANDO Experiences, that are mainly on line retreats brought to people’s living room. Differently to others, we want our experiences to be personalized and our retreats to be on a one to one level, and a la carte. People can pick and choose from our offerings and use those retreats whenever they feel comfortable.

Our hosts are thoughtful wellness experts, who can cover the YOGANDO’s pillars: movement, nutrition, and spa.

Our gift for you is simple.

We are offering you an on line Ayurveda self-massage, designed by our Ayurveda expert from Italy, and called flow-up. A Flow up massage is a manual lifting that helps boost the lymphatic system using the correct Ayurveda oils, studied around your body constitution. Denise, our Ayurveda expert, will have a 30 mns chat to understand your dosha and special needs, Ayurvedic oils will be delivered to your house (yes a goodie bag of great resources), and whenever you are free, you will book a one hour massage with her.

In addition, since we know how much you love vegan cuisine, our friend and longtime partner Floriana, a Miami based caterer, originally from Italy, will come to your house to be a personal vegan chef for one meal. In the event you won’t feel comfortable with having people over, and we understand, she will deliver a vegan meal outside of your door.

You also have our branded water bottle, as you know self-care starts from hydration too.

Since we are a small business and we operate through word of mouth, and since YOGANDO Experience will be shortly launched in America and in Italy, we would highly appreciated if you could share some energy in return and tag us in your IG story. @yogandoretreats 

Our aim is to provide people all over the world with wisdom, tools and support to empower them on their own personal health journey, in the unique climate that we currently face and far beyond this time.

Kino, we hope that, in our small, small way, we can offer you some positivity to support your well-being during this time.

Grateful for crossing your path.

Elisa and YOGANDO Team

Your Hosts

Elisa Magni

Yogando Founder

YOGANDO was born from Elisa’s love of travel, yoga and wellness. After leading a successful 15-year career in the corporate world, Elisa transitioned into a US certified event designer, internationally certified yoga instructor and retreat leader. Elisa is now on a mission to inspire you to live your life with passion, purpose and wellness. After moving to US in 2011, she now splits her life between Michigan, Italy, and wherever part her heart takes her. She has a deep sense of gratitude for the YOGANDO team and tribe which continues to grow through the years, who make it all retreats dreams possible!

Denise Baschirotto

Ayurveda Teacher

Denise is our Ayurveda partner in Italy. Founder of WellOne Luxury Experience and wife of Kandeepan, who share a common devotion to Ayurveda, natural nutrition, yoga, meditation, Tibetan bowls, shiatsu, tai chi and holistic medicine. Together, they lead the Ayurveda school, offering their own knowledge mentoring and training wellness specialists all over Italy.

Floriana Cancelli

Italian Chef

Floriana is an international chef specialized in macrobiotic, vegetarian and healthy mediterranean food, certified US Event Designer, and certified Ashtanga Yoga instructor. She uses her zeal and knowledge to create sensorial culinary and travel experiences that nourish the body and soul.
How to participate:

Join a video call!

Online Experiences are all hosted on the Zoom video conferencing platform. 

After you book, you’ll receive an email with a link to the experience that you’ll join using a web browser or the Zoom app.

Video conferencing is interactive, so you’ll be able to communicate with your host as much or as little as you’d like.


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