A wellness blog with an Italian twist​

Let the mentality of IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE guide you on your wellness journey.

Learn about the latest news and trends in yoga and wellness in Italy (and beyond). Il Dolce Far Niente is an Italian expression that means the ‘sweetness of doing nothing’. Be inspired by the Italians on your personal wellness journey as you relax into slow living and healing practices that improve the quality of your life. Let Italy inspire  and nourish you on your own journey back to self love. 


Tuscany 2022: For Wellness and Pleasure

Tuscany 2022: For Wellness and Pleasure After two long years of waiting on travel, canceling plans, and pushing back trips and adventures– it seems like travel is finally back for summer of 2022. We are so excited. This year we will be hosting retreats all over the world and we

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Why a retreat can help you create a life where you live slower

Why a retreat can help you create a life where you live slower Slow living: a deliberate choice to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and appreciate the details of the world around you. Slow living is the all-encompassing global movement that encourages pausing and resting with as much gusto

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about the author of our blog

Rachel was born and raised in the USA and accidentally moved to Rome in 2009. After nearly a decade working as a tour guide and trip planner in Italy, she pursued a lifelong dream and became a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher in Bali in 2018. She is obsessed with the intersection between Italians and Wellness Culture. She is also a certified Somatic Coach, a writer, and a retreat leader. Her aim is to share the joy of slow living and slow travel. www.rachelzitin.com

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