Tuscany 2022:
For Wellness and Pleasure

After two long years of waiting on travel, canceling plans, and pushing back trips and adventures– it seems like travel is finally back for summer of 2022.

We are so excited. This year we will be hosting retreats all over the world and we are looking forward to welcoming travelers to retreat with us and truly unplug.

One of our most beloved destinations?

Tuscany. You can’t think of Italy and not picture Tuscany.

There is just something about Italy’s beloved region. The cypress tree lined roads. The rolling silver fields of olive trees, the magnificent blankets of sunflowers that appear in July as if by magic. Dining al fresco on a beautiful patio, enjoying each and every sliver of sunshine as golden hour gently fades to blue hour and laughter and glasses tinkling fills the air. There is something luxurious and yet simple about long Tuscan evenings. It invokes a feeling of sumptuous pleasure, a desire to soak in each and every detail. Even if  you weren’t going to attend a yoga retreat, Tuscany’s magic is worth experiencing again and again.

Then there’s Tuscany, the wellness version. We have been drawn to this wonderful region and its ancient traditions around well-being and self-care. The magical thermal waters have been attracting people seeking wellness escapes for at least 2,000 years. The fresh, local fruits and vegetables that are abundant in markets. The weather that seems to be perfect for at least 9-months of the year.

Tuscany has gorgeous rolling hills and an expansive coastline over the sparkling Mediterranean seal. The region is the home of Florence, Pisa, Siena, the Chianti region, and many other can’t miss destinations that are sure to be on any Italophile’s bucket list.


However what we love the most is the Tuscan ability to relax. The ability to unplug just a little from the frenetic buzz of life and relax into countryside living. At yogando, our retreats in Tuscany are some of our most popular and most sought after experiences. Our focus on spreading wellness, Italian-style, is highlighted in this magic region.

Imagine waking up to a sunrise that bursts across the horizon, the gentle sounds of pitter patters of feet combined with the soft chirping of local birds. There is complete calm as you set up for your morning yoga practice. Our expert teachers are ready to guide you into your truest nature. You find your place on your mat, deep full breaths in and out as you prepare to invigorate your body for the day. Sourcing your energy directly from this magical land, we truly believe you can reach your objective of relaxation and self-care even faster when surrounded by a Tuscan landscape.

While Tuscany is not a ‘new’ destination, we believe it is the perfect location to combine wellness with pleasure. Allow yourself to be guided by our expert leaders and give yourself the richest luxury we know of: time. We believe that finding an inner state of well-being is the fundamental first step to living a richer, wholler and more thoughtfully curated life. In order to find inner calm, we believe in allowing yourself to be truly pampered on a retreat, so that you may take that feeling out with you into the world.

It is the details in Tuscany that make the region truly one-of-a-kind. We invite you to allow us to take care of your schedule, your wellness routine, your nourishing meals and where you lay down your head at night. Meet wonderful curious souls from all over the world, experience the joy of lasting connections and nurture your own ability to experience and truly allow pleasure. Wellness isn’t worth it if you’re not enjoying yourself in the process. We want you to experience Italy through the expertise of locals who truly know and understand the region, the country, the culture, and the traditions. You deserve to take care of yourself.

Tuscany is the perfect combination of wellness and pleasure. Wouldn’t you like to experience a surrender into self-care?

Rachel Zitin

The author of this article is Rachel www.rachelzitin.com

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