Let the mentality of il dolce far niente guide you on your wellness journey.

It’s time. We have arrived. We are each ready for our own personal renaissance. It is time to rebirth and turn our faces towards the bright sunshine of a brand new season.

What can we learn from the Italians about personal well being? We can learn that simple is often best. We can learn that time spent in community surrounded by loved ones is the most nourishing thing for our hungry souls. We can learn that the most thought-provoking, life-changing experiences can take place over a delicious and thoughtfully prepared meal. We can learn that il dolce far niente (the sweet joy of doing nothing) is often where the biggest transformations start to blossom. Finally? We can learn that even after a ‘long cold lonely winter’ (as George Harrison so eloquently put it) we have the opportunity to emerge and rebirth as brighter and more fully present human beings.

We have had two years of uncertainty, unrest, and massive changes both globally as well as personally, and everything in between. But we have arrived. We have moved away from the crisp, dark days of winter and towards the beautiful blooming of spring. The days have officially gotten longer, the sun seems to be shining brighter every single day.

It is the perfect time to embark on the grand journey of self-discovery. It is the perfect time to allow yourself to do what the Italians have mastered over centuries of practice: unplug to reconnect. Do a little more nothing. A Yogando Retreat can help you experience exactly this. A place to reset as you springboard into the next chapter of your life.


Imagine this: you’re in a luxury villa looking out over a sparkling blue sea, there is a glass of wine in your hand and a smile on your face, the people around you have golden hour light dancing across their bodies. The food on the table is fresh and locally sourced, you are being nourished from the inside out. You have spent your day taking care of your body, you will spend the evening taking care of your soul and your spirit. As you commune, the sound of laughter reverberates and there is the familiar hum of conversation, strangers who have become dear friends. Gathered around this beautiful table, everyone feels comfortable sharing words of wisdom, sharing their lives and sharing the ways they have grown.

What better time than now to allow yourself to relish in the experience of re-birth?

No one does rebirth quite like the Italians. The word ‘renaissance’ comes from the Latin word renasci which means ‘to rise again’ or to ‘be renewed. When examined differently, the re comes from ‘back’ or ‘again’ and naissance comes from ‘birth’. When we see the word Renaissance, we typically think of the period of history from the 14th-16th centuries when art, literature and culture burst back into Europe’s collective awareness after centuries of dormancy.

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