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Yogando Retreats is an expert designer of boutique wellbeing experiences, aiming to disconnect you from the everyday life routine, and restore you in authentic and luxurious environments.

Who we are

We are creators, providers and guides of boutique travels, using the medium of mindful holidays through wellness.


Our mission is to allow you to retreat in a comfortable space to share knowledge, deepen relationships, and benefit from a variety of energizing activities to feel refreshed, nourished and newly motivated.



Held in bucket list destinations, we design boutique retreat programs working with local experts to provide off the beaten paths offerings, with field-to-fork food and a healthy environment.

Taylor Made

We are specialized on the organisation of taylor made tours in Italy.


Something magical tends to happen when a group of like-minded people come together in a beautiful setting to practice yoga. It proves to be a very effective way to go on a vacation and take a break from the daily grind.

Whichever way you choose to experience your retreat, whether by yourself or with a friend or two, it’s a sure way to recharge, reset and create a truly transformative experience.


Paola Marcenaro

July 14 - 18, 2022

Sardinia, Italy

Pristine beaches, unparalleled nature, amazing Italian food, and daily pilates: a retreat of outstanding beauty.


Brinkela Gjokaj

Sep 3 - 10, 2022​

Mallorca, Spain

Join yoga teacher Brinkela for a one week immersion, under the spacious Mallorca sky, near the Mediterranean Sea, meeting new friends while eating healing healthy food.

Photo 03-01-2022, 14 11 30

Rebecca Hannah

September 15 - 19, 2022

Sardinia, Italy

A fun and innovative week away for anyone looking to push themselves to the next level and experience yoga from a slightly different perspective.



September 19 - 23, 2022

Joshua Tree, USA

Retreat to desert with Tierra and Soul, and let yourself heal in harmony, practicing yoga and mindfulness.


Rebecca Beckler

November 10 - 14, 2022

Arizona, USA

Take five days away to Renew, Unwind, and be Invigorated with wellness retreat leader and Worldwide Pilates Educator & Instructor.

What does “Yogando” mean?

Yogando (verb) is “the act of performing Yoga”.

This word can also be used to mean that a person is “acting with mindfulness, courage, intention, purpose and commitment.” 

Yogando” is also considered a way of life. 

A person who is “Yogando” is living in the moment and/or is creating his or her own current reality. 

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